Email us yours! (If you can, please attach a photo!)

My name is Mila Boone. I met Dr. Hollee' and Dr. Chaz when our boys played Little League baseball way back when. I remember complaining about wrist and elbow pain from an accident I had years prior, while we would sit out in the cold. One day Dr. Chaz asked if he could take a look at them and did a quick little adjustment that felt amazing and asked if I wanted to come see himself or Dr. Hollee at their office and that they could fix me right up! Fast forward years later and here we are with a knee surgery and another bad accident under my belt, that sent my daughter and I straight to Crossroads instead of my medical doctor. Always our family’s first choice! We went through another couple months of treatment for our bodies and minds with great success.

I have had extensive blood work ups and genetic testing with Dr. Hollee’. Which brings us to last year; January 13th, 2018, My husband and I set a New Years’ Resolution to get healthy and fit. I needed to lose about 30 pounds and gain strength back in my body and mind since the knee surgery. We succeeded on many level, last year I lost 22 pounds and 15 plus total inches. Since then we have kept up the intense workouts and implemented portion controlled nutrition while constantly changing things up so our bodies won’t adapt. However something was still going wrong with my body.

I was struggling to get the last of the weight off and having a real battle with hormones since my hysterectomy. After a real breast cancer scare I went to see Dr. Hollee’ desperate to feel better and get relief from night sweats, depression, hot flashes, moodiness weight management… you name it and the struggle was real. I was putting so much hard work into myself and seeing so little in return at this point, as in relief. I sat with Dr. Hollee’ desperate and emotional on numerous occasions. She then proceeded to offer to do the GV (Genetic Variant) testing. It has been a great addition to my health regimen! The GV program has assisted me with the final push my body needed to stop inflammation and get back to its whole self so it felt comfortable enough to heal and release the latest round of toxicity needed to move forward.

It has been a few months now and I continue to meet with Dr. Hollee’ for updates and fine tuning. Each time my body needs less and less support and is functioning amazingly! I feel so good and would love for you to experience what I have with them. We love our Crossroads Holistic Health Center family and owe them a lifetime of thanks for always being there to help us feel better! ~Mila Boone

As a regular patient at Crossroads Holistic Health Center, I felt that I was maintaining balanced health – yet still had a number of stubborn issues. Eating gluten and dairy-free really helped, yet I felt there was more I could be doing to have really good health. When Dr Hollee’ introduced the Genetic Variation Testing program to the Center, this appealed as a way to potentially meet that goal.

The program, its purpose and expected outcomes were explained to me. A session involved working with my genetics (genetic markers?) to find weaknesses, so a wide range of substances were muscle-tested according to the Genetic Variation protocol. Supplements were then chosen to tune out the weakness and strengthen the system. I came home with a recipe of supplements to take 3 times a day for 6 weeks, until my next visit. I did not change my diet.

Within the first week I started to feel a difference – unlike anything I had experienced before. There was a consistent build in energy, enabling me to better enjoy life. I was thrilled. When headaches, migraines and hair loss improved, I knew I had found the protocol for me!

This was proved correct at my next visit – I had very few weaknesses still to address and was given fewer supplements. During the following month, I underwent some surgery, and Dr Hollee’ suggested supplements to augment my healing in addition to the current protocol.

I am now on a maintenance program, feel my health is truly improving and am so pleased to have access to this exceptional health care.

Many thanks Dr Hollee’

~Isabell Parcelle

I want to give you many thanks for the time you spent with me. I realized that you are changing the planet one person @ a time. I'm lucky to be one of them. Much love,

~ Nichole Fox

"A Thousand Thank You's could not express my gratitude; you have forever changed my life."


"My health has greatly improved and I feel great! My outlook, attitude and self esteem are the highest they have ever been."

~ MM

43 Year Miracle

On Veterans Day, November 11, 1965, I was returning to my office in Santa Barbara. A parade was going down State Street, my street was blocked off. I paused at the next opening and was struck from behind by the only other vehicle on the street. A 10,000 lb. city bus knocked me 87 feet over into a parking lot. The car was totaled - so, I thought, was my neck and back.4/3/07...many years and many practitioners later, lying in Dr. Chaz's office, I told him I had a challenge for him and told him of my shaking right hand and arm and lots of spilled soup. He said: "Let's look at it right now." A moment or two of Kinesiology and a bit of muttering to himself...Dr. Chaz exclaimed: "I think we found it!" He grabbed his electric rubber hammer, let it chatter a few times on or about my neck and shoulder, rubbed it a bit and tested. After 43 years of shaking, Dr, Chaz took away 90% to it! I still don't believe it!!

Thank you Dr. Chaz.


Dear Hollee'

As you know, I have suffered from migraines for twenty years. I have missed countless days of school and work, been to the emergency room dozens of times, seen several neurologists and doctors, and have taken many medications.

You have freed me from those years of pain. I no longer take the daily medications I have needed for 15 years. I no longer have pain in my neck and shoulders. A long standing numbness in my right arm is gone. I feel better than I ever have.

You have a wonderful healing gift, a beautiful calm spirit, and a brillant ability to help the body heal itself. A thousand thank yous could not express my gratitude.

You have changed my life!

~ MP


Extreme case, was not able to function, run my business, and my life obligations suffered. Modern medicine had no clue how to remedy the problem. After scans etc. I still had no help. Then I met Dr. Chaz as he was confident that he could help me. Within 3 months I was free of the problem.

This man is amazing. To this date, I have been free of Meniere's Disease for 10 years!

Steven L.

For seven years I had searched for a doctor who could provide me with answers to my chronic pain and illness. I had nearly given up hope when my days became more abut laying in bed than enjoying my family; until I found Dr. Chaz. Within a short period of time he found that it was Lyme Disease that was reeking havoc on my body and we promptly began treatment. Six months later I was almost back to the body that I could recognize and I continue to gain strength and healing through my treatments.


Dr. Chaz is the best at making sure that you are fully taken care of from head to toe. He is very thorough in his evaluation of a patient. My wife has been to many chiropractors and would rate Dr. Chaz as one of the best if not the best. His care and gentle touch make him highly efficient. His office has a very "family friendly feeling" environment. I highly recommend Dr. Chaz!

Drake K.

Dear Prospective Crossroads Patients;

Since coming to Crossroads Health Center, I have lost weight, I feel great, and I'm pain free for the first time in 10 years.

My first visit to Crossroads was in June 2009, after hearing many local people rave about it. I wasn't 'medically sick', but I hadn't felt really well in a long time. Also I had a hip injury that still hurt after 10 years. At age 54, I felt I was accepting too many little aches and pains as 'aging'.

Dr. Chaz Rhinehart and his amazing staff worked quickly to pinpoint and treat my health issues. He found that my original hip injury had never been properly diagnosed and had never healed in 10 years. Dr. Rhinehart was the first doctor to correctly diagnose the injury and give it proper treatment. I've been pain free ever since. What a relief! I went through a detox cleanse and then a Candida cleanse. What a difference it made.

I received customized in-depth evaluations at every visit. No stone was left unturned when it came to giving me advanced and thorough care. I know I've added 15 healthy years to my life!

I've lost weight and feel better than I have in many years - and have received the finest health care ever - at Crossroads.

~ AH

I came to Crossroads Health Center, Dr. Chaz, by way of referral from a co-worker. During the few months that I have been under his care, I have experienced an open-mindedness and awareness toward improving my health. I did the 21 day cleanse which I didn't even believe possible. Not only did I stick to it but I learned that it is important for my daily life, health and well being, to incorporate many of the aspects of the cleanse such as trying to eat more organically and avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

In mind and in spirit I experienced a very natural and caring exchange with Dr. Chaz and members of his staff. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Personal growth, both physically psychologically and spiritually is encouraged.

Going to Crossroads Health Center is very much an inspired step towards wellness. I did it for myself and am happy to let others know what a good outcome I've had. I feel more in touch with myself, more knowledgeable about what is good for me, and very fortunate to have heard about Dr. Chaz. Aches and pains get treated successfully, but also our whole health, mind and spirit get the attention they need as well.

~ JM

I have been inspired to tell you about my journey. It started six years ago at Crossroads Health Center!

I was working at an office in Fallbrook with a group of gals, whom at one time or another started going to Crossroads Health Center for various reasons. For over a year I listened to them and asked questions about who and what Dr. Chaz and Dr. Hollee' did. I listened to everyone's success story. At the time I was in the midst of chasing after solutions to my own medical needs through western medicine. I was frustrated and found the system to be pathetic. I was unsatisfied with all the trial and errors!

So there my journey began. I was ready to try something new, which I found, after much research, wasn't new at all! In fact, natural holistic medicine has been an effective solution to health, long before the American Medical Association decided to make a business out of the new western medical system!

I went for my consultation with Dr. Chaz. I had my list of existing problems ready and prepared to start on my new and exciting journey! Although I didn't know it at the time, my journey would be way more than my expectation came even close to being. I got books on natural healing, holistic medicine, Bach flower remedies, meditation and spirituality - actually everything I could get my hands on. I wanted to understand what Dr. Chaz was doing and how it would cure my ills. I became fascinated with his concept of whole health and how to naturally achieve it. I remember the first thing that he told me: "We have to get healthy as a whole being - in our mind, body and soul." I thought that was going to be over-kill. I was just hoping to get past my aches and pains and I would be grateful!

Well, I would now like to tell you - I am 100% healthy in my mind, body and soul, and I am a whole person! Or should I say - I am now the person I was meant to be - living the life I was meant to live!

"Expect a Miracle" is a phrase glued to the ceiling above the treatment table. That's an understatement! I have exceeded the 'miracle' achievement and am now in a phenomenal state of being! Crossroads will lead you to a life of health and well-being, on a natural and healthy path, the way each and everyone's body is designed. They work very hard to give all of us the very best of who they are, and I can tell you they are far above your average holistic practitioner. They were blessed with the talents that they put forth and they make your challenges their own.

My advice to everyone is to stay present and educated in your personal journey. Have faith in what Crossroads is, what they know, and the path they prepare for you. They have what it takes to give your life the most awesome gift ever - true and un-ending health! I am living proof. May the blessings flow for all! 

~ CB

I came here because my wife was getting off of anti-depressants and her chronic back pain was getting better.

I personally felt crummy for years.

I thought it was due to getting older and life taking its toll on a middle-aged man. I didn't expect age smoke and magic. But after talking with Dr. Chaz, he knew and understood things about me that I didn't understand myself - but they made sense. Since then I have been off all my meds but one. My blood tests have come back great and I generally feel 15 years younger. I can't thank him enough for the new lease on life and a new appreciation for now and the future. Thank you!! Love you all at Crossroads!!!

~ JW

My wife Bettye and I experienced a rather serious auto accident and we were referred to Dr. Chaz by a good friend. Our experience in receiving treatments from Dr. Chas has been amazing. This doctor is truly an angel from God. I am a firm believer that 'all things work together for the good of those who are called...according to His purpose.' Dr Chaz has been a tremendous blessing to us, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. He has blessed and administered to us in preparation for our move across the country. Not only has he attended to our physical hurts aches and pains, but he has helped us to see God's hand through all of the pain and suffering of life and living. He is gifted and anointed by God in his profession as a chiropractic doctor. But he is much more than that. Moreover, he has a great gift of discernment that he expresses with love and compassion. I would highly recommend this fine doctor, and man of God, to anyone. I pray that God shine His light on Dr. Chaz and keep him safe, in Jesus' name.

May God continue to bless him, his practice and his family.

~ OL

Dr. Chaz. Thank you so much for helping me! I have lost 10 pounds and 8 inches in three months. Your healing adjustments, nutrition, exercise, and specifically restoring my hormone balance, has been life altering! I feel 10 years younger and stronger than ever!

Thank you! 


Dear Dr. Chaz -

Thank you for eliminating years of neck pain for our daughter Natalie...from 17 hours a week to none. Thank you for correcting her cranial alignment, with the help of Dr. Frieter as well. You can see the difference and confidence in Nat! It is helping her soccer, school and home life. Thank you for all that you do - you are amazing! 

~ L & N

Dr. Chaz -

Since Beau has been coming to you he has not had a single asthma attack, nor bronchitis or pneumonia which he was getting 2 xs per year. He has grown in stature, confidence and health. I am very grateful.

~ L & B

Dr. Chaz -

Your adjustments, copper detox and vitamin supplements have helped Brook tremendously, especially in school. Calmness has replaced constant activity. His focus is increased. Keep up the great work. Our family loves you!

~ L & B

My horror story started about two and one half years ago when I noticed I was having difficulty walking on my lower legs. My toes had turned blue. My calves burned. My ankles swelled and I was unable to walk a short distance.

I consulted a vascular surgeon in Escondido for help. He prescribed medication and an ultrasound, plus walking. After six months he told me I had claudication in my legs, which was common for someone my age, and there was nothing he could do for me. My next trip was to Palomar Hospital where I had two angioplasty operations and sixty three x-rays taken. They found a small blockage behind my right knee and one in my left upper leg. These problems were not causing any discomfort and the angioplasty did no good at all. After much thought I called the great and holy Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and made an appointment with past history and x-rays in hand! I met two young vascular doctors who discussed the problem with me and studied the x-rays for about an hour. Their decision was the claudication, and there was nothing they could do. They offered to do extensive tests but said they probably would do no good.

After a month or so I thought I would try one more source. I called Scripps Clinic and made an appointment with their vascular specialist. He sent me for two hours of ultrasound. They said I had no blockage in my legs. They spoke about the claudication, etc.

So I pretty much accepted my condition and was willing to live with it until my luck changed.

I ran into a friend one day and he was telling me about his recovery from major health problems and that he owes his life to a Dr. Rhinehart. I told him about my problems and he sent me to Dr. Rhinehart. My first appointment was March 4 of this year and it was quite interesting. He told me that I did not have claudication but that I had Thrombophlebitis. After only two months my feet are pink again. I have no swelling in my ankles, and my lower legs are improving slowly.

I am beginning to walk further with less pain and am one happy guy thanks to Dr. Rhinehart.

~ TH

Rising out of the ashes...

What an amazing journey this last six months of my life has been! I am moved to share my story about the miracle I believe I have experienced. Before six months ago and meeting Dr. Chaz, I never knew I had the ability to turn on the 'light switch' to my own healing. I had always looked outside myself to others and crossed my fingers that it would happen. Now I know better.

When I first came to Dr. Chaz' office, I was on at least 8 medications, was in chronic physical pain, had all sorts of old health problems that were flaring up. I was in acute emotional pain. I felt like my spirit was fading away. I was so ill and incapacitated that my dear friend Anne Marie, who I was visiting in Valley Center, had driven me to his office. When I think of the miracle of this appointment, I am moved to tears.

I live on the East Coast and was visiting my friend. She told me that she had made an appointment for me to see this amazing doctor whose talents were so versatile that she had a hard time explaining to me, (in a way I could understand at that time) what exactly he could do that would be different from the five doctors I was seeing back at home. One of the best things I ever did was say 'yes' to this invitation.

My first visit to Dr. Chaz was in April, 2002, and to put it mildly it was overwhelming. Thank goodness for Anne Marie who sat in on the appointment and took notes, for review and understanding later. (When I asked my doctor back east to allow my mother too sit in on an appointment, I was refused.)

I felt like I was at rock bottom after so many years of trying to get well. I had no more energy to put into it.
After about 30 minutes with Dr. Chaz asking all sorts of interesting and diverse questions and taking a look at me, he summarized his conclusions with clarity, precision and confidence.

He told me that the root problem was that I didn't love myself.

I had been in therapy for years, working through childhood wounds due to sexual abuse by our family physician. I suffered chronic anxiety about going to see doctors, and had a pattern of waiting until I was really ill before seeking medical help.

Dr. Chaz said that many of my symptoms might be the result of a Candida infection in my blood, and that some of my medications might be working against my ability to get well. He said that the numerous cranial injuries I had sustained in my life...for which I had not been treated, as my father, a physician, did not believe in chiropractic...were probably the cause of the seizure disorder I had been battling for 15 years. He explained that because the cranial injuries had never been attended to, my neck and hips were out of alignment and were aggravating several other chronic conditions.

Dr. Chaz' treatment plan was broken into three; phases. Phase 1 was the anti-Candida diet for three months...that food could either be harmful, or part of the healing process. I was given a combination of supplements, enzymes and vitamins to help with a liver cleansing process and over-all digestion. I was given positive affirmations to say and encouraged to find a practitioner out east who used NET for healing emotional trauma. It was suggested that I receive cranial treatments and massage on a weekly basis.

Dr. Chaz assured me that as soon as I really truly loved myself and knew in my heart that I had the ability to take charge of my wellness...I would start to heal. He said it wouldn't be easy and that it would not happen over-night. I had to first make the choice to take charge.

When Dr. Chaz stepped out of the room for a moment. I panicked and cried to my friend. Everything he said made sense. I finally felt that someone was looking at all parts of me, instead of just focusing on one part or another. It was frustrating... that finally I had found someone to help and guide me, and I lived so far away.

When Dr. Chaz returned he assured me that he would over-see what I was doing long-distance. He would find referrals for me and asked that I return every three months, for him to check on my progress. I was so relieved. I agreed to return in three months. I was reminded that his support was there indeed, but that walking down the healing path was up to me. I had to make a real commitment to myself.

To make a long story short...I returned home and changed the way I was cooking and eating. I found the right kinds of support for my wellness plan. I had the support of friends and family. I found the proper chiropractor, though he was an hour away, I drove three times a week in the beginning. I could immediately feel the benefits of the work he was doing.

I returned to Valley Center three months later. My lab reports were much improved. I had lost 25 pounds. I had been walking every day. I was down to two medications. Dr. Chaz found that I was structurally aligned. I had rid my body of the yeast infection. I had succeeded in the battle against the fungus that had attached itself to my internal organs for a very long time! I felt a sense of pride in myself that made me glow.

Dr. Chaz. Began Phase 2 of the wellness plan. I needed to continue my cranial work, balance a couple of aspects of my body chemistry, and focus on clearing my body of some of the emotional blocks that were still there. Dr. Chaz did some NET work that was amazing and a catalyst for me to not only do some healing of old wounds and forgiveness work, but to see that I really wanted to find a different kind of therapist rather than traditional psychotherapy. I found that therapist. He used kinesiology to help find the places in my body that stored myths and fears that no longer served me. He also had a spiritual dimension to his work, which I wanted.

I have just had my 6 month check up with Dr. Chaz. Food allergies were identified, for additional changes to my diet. At times I was frustrated with the slow progress of the cranial work - but I understand that I can only go as fast as my body will allow. I have learned that I must be patient with my healing process.

Dr. Chaz reported that my blood work at this time is among the best lab results he has seen in his practice. Yea! He was happy with the progress I continue to make with the cranial work. I am still working on some areas, but the difference I felt at this meeting was that I understood so much more of what Dr. Chaz was describing that he was seeing in me. I feel it myself and have learned so much about me and how my body works, or doesn't work. I still have a lot to fact I believe it will be a lifelong learning program. It sure felt good to hear Dr. Chaz exclaim that I was a 'total walking miracle', and to hear his acknowledgement of the pay-off from all that hard work that I have invested. My sister says all anyone needs to do is look at me to 'see' the results. She says you don't need to be a doctor to see the difference.

I am pleased to say that my life has changed and I have graduated to Phase 3 of my wellness program - maintenance. Yippee!

I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Chaz and his nurturing and loving staff.

At 43 years old, I finally feel like I know how to take care of myself in the way I nurtured my son, before and after he was born. What a blessing.

Thank you to my Crossroads Health Center angels!


I have enjoyed good health all my life, participating in many activities including ballet, horseback riding, gardening, bicycling and yoga.

In October, 2004, I became ill experiencing severe pain and chronic fatigue. I saw two physicians, my chiropractor at the time, and an acupuncturist. I experienced only brief relief. The symptoms always returned. After prescribed antibiotics and pain pills, I came to Crossroads Health Center and Dr. Chaz Rhinehart. I was diagnosed with a Canada fungal growth in my lymph. Dr. Chaz suggested diet, nutritional support, homeopathy and more.

Within three months my health improved dramatically. Even more meaningful, I have grown in spirit. Family and friends have noticed my energy shift. I have awakened from a fog, and experience daily a new sense of peace. My old thoughts of fear and worry are gone.

I had gained 40 pounds over four years, finding it difficult, if not impossible, to lose. At this time I have lost 35 pounds! The weight loss is a bonus that came with the return of good health, energy, and a sense of spirit.

You may see the posted sign: 'Expect a Miracle' above Dr. Chaz' chiropractic table. Well, I received a miracle and have the joy of sharing it daily with those around me. My heart is filled with gratitude, especially for Dr. Rhinehart and everyone at Crossroads Health Center.

The re-awakening of my spirit means more to me than the return of good health.

I thank Dr. Rhinehart for both. 

~ LS

When I met Dr. Chaz at the fitness fair in March 2004, I was desperate to find someone who would help me make my shoulder 'right'. It had been a full year since I had injured it playing racquet ball, which set me on a course of seeing chiropractors, massage therapists, an orthopedic surgeon, x-rays, MRI's, cortisone shots, and surgery which was unsuccessful. After being told I'd have to either live with the pain (or not be able to ever swing a racquet or throw a ball) or have another more invasive surgery, I was ready to try anything to avoid that!

Something in me said Dr. Chaz was my answer, even after I was told my insurance would not pay for any of it. Little did I know then how much more I would benefit from my visits with him, way beyond the healing of my shoulder?

For several years I have not been able to swallow all of the way. After having two doctors tell me to take nasal spray, I accepted that it was just something I'd have to live with. After my first adjustment with Dr. Chaz, using some different techniques I'd never seen, on my drive home I realized I could swallow better.

Two days later after my second adjustment, I was able to swallow all the way, and have been able to ever since.

And that was just the beginning...Dr. Chaz' intuitiveness, experience and knowledge, infusing the emotional, mental and physical into the healing process, as well as his ability to diagnose and implement the use of Bach flower and other remedies, is what has enabled me to have almost total use of my shoulder... without pain.

My shoulder has turned out to be just a small part of my experience with Dr. Chaz. I have learned about myself and the power I hold to help my body heal and function better... (With his help of course!)


I was diagnosed with asthma 30 years ago. If I kept my distance from cats (who triggered the asthma), I managed my life until about 8 years ago. The medical doctor ran a test and said I had a sluggish thyroid, and I was started on inhalers.

More recently, I felt my health was declining since I became breathless with any exertion, and the inhaler usage had been increasing. I wanted to see an

'Alternative doctor', but I didn't know where to turn until my daughter-in-law said she'd heard good things about Crossroads.

In my first visit, Dr. Chaz quickly told me he didn't think there was anything wrong with my thyroid and symptoms pointed to my adrenals. Tests came back proving him right. I was into adrenal failure.

I started supplements and one week later my asthma was gone! No more inhalers!! Adrenal function is continuing to improve.

How wonderful it is to breathe freely...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Chaz.

Blessings also to Dr. Hollee' and staff. 


I had been on prednisone for 32 years. I really believed I could not live without it. I had been asthmatic and sickly all my life. Thanks to Dr. Chaz, his adjustments, kinesiology, and homeopathy, I am now prednisone free, take absolutely no prescription medication, and am healthier than I have ever been, 72 years old and on my way to a happy, healthy, active 100!

God Bless you Dr. Chaz, for all you are and all you do! You truly are a blessing to us all!


Dr. Rhinehart helped me uncover some long-term ailments, and to get to the root cause of them. He has been very instrumental and intuitive about making connections between old emotional baggage and current physical problems. His persistent and intuitive care has given me the courage and the insights necessary to move on my path of emotional, physical and spiritual health. I have gained a better understanding of my body and its needs thanks to Dr. Rinehart's treatment and care.


Dr. Chas is a cool person! SD 

(A young patient) 

Dr. Chaz -

You are a miracle worker. Since working with you, I can walk for long periods without any pain. I can't believe it. This is the first time in five years that I am pain free. I have spinal stenosis, and all the doctors told me to just live with it and take medications, etc. Since coming to you I no longer have to live with pain. I love you and cherish your work. God bless you for all you do!

SFCrossroads Health Center has been a God-send to our family, and by extension, our friends too!

I am healthy, happy and loving life. I had suffered migraine headaches and depression ever since I could remember. I'd seen other chiropractors and naturopaths, but none with the HEART that Dr.'s Chaz and Hollee have. They taught me so much. I've incorporated homeopathy and flower essences into our household and even into my professional work environment. I'm teaching co-workers how wonderful true health really is!

Because of Chaz and Hollee, my family is intact and happy. My son aspires to be just like them - he wants to join their practice when he completes school.

Thank you Chaz and Hollee for bringing your light to Valley Center.


The past eight years I have felt like the living dead. Exhausted, depressed, I was experiencing the inability to think clearly and to any depth - which caused me great frustration. To complete a task was a great struggle, there-by keeping me in a state of great humiliation. My most obvious symptoms were indigestion,

Diarrhea, anxiety, insomnia, homophobia, frustration and anger. I had tried to get help from traditional doctors, and the best they could do was: put a band-aid on my bullet wound. Some of my problems were with the onset of menopause. At present I am taking lamictal and trazedone, both designed to address anxiety and depression. These doctors are being bound by insurance companies which force them to provide limited service. Likewise, drug companies giving incentives to doctors who use their synthetic chemicals.

Dr. Chaz has cared for me in totality, testing with the resources in his office, and

beyond his province, to provide the best care possible. I came to Dr. Chaz with what he informed me to be: adrenal fatigue syndrome. Tests, supplements and suggested change in how to nourish my body, is helping me to acknowledge the existence of the body and being that God blessed me with.

~ AM

Pain, I don't mean pain, I mean PAIN!! You know, the kind of pain that's usually preceded by other '4' letter adjectives. The kind of pain that hurts when you sit or stand, walk or run, breathe, sneeze or cough. Even blinking your eyes is a chore. The kind of pain that is with you 24/7. Get the picture? I have lived with pain in my lower back nearly all of my adult life. Most of the time it's a dull ache that just reminds me that I'm not 100%. Last June I really blew out my lower back!

The condition has occupied much of my life. I have seen many chiropractors and they all have provided me with some relief, treating the symptoms.

Dr. Chaz Rhinehart, however, introduced me to a totally different concept…healing the problem instead of dealing with the problem.

Dr. Rhinehart's mom recommended that I see him. I thought what mom wouldn't recommend her son! But…when the threat of surgery entered into my picture, I came to the office. It was there that the doctor began to treat me with a different approach to healing. After three months of treatment my pain had been reduced to some stiffness. I felt like I had a life again. I will stay with Dr. Rhinehart's program knowing that with continued diligence on my part and guidance on his part. A lot of misery will be avoided. I am thankful for everything. 

~ JW

When I first saw Dr. Chaz I was in severe pain. An MRI had diagnosed a herniated disc in my lower back, bond spurs up and down my spine, and stenosis, narrowing ,of many vertebrae.

Surgery was suggested for the herniation, but no hope was offered for either the spurs or the stenosis. I faced a lifetime of pain and naturally sought alternative opinions.

Dr. Chaz prescribed treatments twice a week, plus supplements. After three months my back is completely pain free. I can now sit in a chair for long periods instead of laying on the floor. I have remained pain free for eight months with only occasional follow ups. I consider Dr. Chaz's treatment miraculous and I am completely excited to be his patient. 

~ DL

Dr. Rhinehart helped me to uncover some long term ailments, and get to their root cause. He has been very instrumental and intuitive about making connections between emotional baggage and current physical problems. His insightful care has given me the courage necessary to move forward on my path of emotional, physical and spiritual health. I have gained a better understanding of my body and its needs, thanks to Dr. Rhinehart's treatment and care.

When I first came to Crossroads Health Center I was desperate for help with my lower back. My stage was Phase 2 when I was first examined. From then on I scheduled an appointment every week for about two months .

I took a rapid change when I got my third treatment. I was able to run without pain in my lower back. My pain was lessening each day. It is now November and I started coming in July. My back has gotten so much better and my ability to do activities has greatly improved. I can't say thank you enough. I am so blessed.

~ TB

I believe that Dr. Chaz has a very special touch.

I had a one mile rough water swim in La Jolla. My 51 year old body was not functioning well, and it was just one week before the race. I had begun the re-adjustment of my body and mind through the guidance of Dr. Chaz three months prior. I was on the road

to a healthier body. However, I could not get my swim stroke to a smooth style due to a structural imbalance. The doctor found that my cervical spine was out of alignment. I was adjusted and gained relief away. My race was right on track, my balance right on, and I finished in 39 minutes.

My strength, balance and whole system has greatly improved. I know Dr. Chaz has worked him magic, blessings, knowledge and wisdom on my body. Anyone can trust his talent and reap the harvest.

~ TM

Dr. Chaz has helped me gain energy and feel full of life again. I have been seeing him for only two months and I can honestly say that I have never felt this great in my whole life!!

I have had constant stomach aches, constipation, nausea and tiredness for the past few years. I tried everything to relieve it and nothing ever worked. My M.D. put me on different medications. I had an esophogial scope, a sonogram, blood and lab work, and after alll that, was told I had irritable bowel syndrome. I asked what that was, and the doctor said he wasn't sure exactly. Her said IBS is a name given for the set of symptoms I showed, and that he did not know what caused it or how to cure it!!

For the past few years I have lived in constant pain and just dealt with it. Taking naps every day did not relieve my constant fatigue. I did not have the energy to do anything.

Now after two months of seeing Dr. Chaz, all of my symptoms are gone! I do not take naps anymore and my stomach feels great. I feel like an energizer bunny. Every day I thank God that my mom referred me to Dr. Chaz.

I will never forget my first visit when I lay down on the table and on the ceiling was a sign that said: "Expect a Miracle."

That is exactly what happened! unknown

At age 19 I got a fever, and then came the stiff swollen and pain filled joints, and a long confinement to bed. Since then i have consulted with countless doctors about my condition. At age 22 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and medicated with many experimental drugs, as conventional treatments did not improve my condition. This continued for 4 years. Drug after drug was tried, but nothing gave relief or improvement. At age 26 I was sent to Mayo Clinic. A rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and sjogrens syndrome. Drugs were prescribed. There was no relief or improvement. I got much worse.

At age 27 I was obese, sick, tired and suffering all the time. I was no longer able to eat a meal without getting sick. I was told that I had a debilitating disese, that would worsen with age, and that there was no cure for it. I was never questioned about my diet or personal habits. I was a smoker, not able to exercise, and had no idea that sugar and refined carbohydrates were horrible for me.

After moving from Minnesota to Calfornia, with the express idea of finding a solution to my health problems, I was intorduced by a friend to Crossroads Health Center and the Drs. Chaz and Hollee' Rhinehart. I started my healing path under their care and the results have been astounding. I am not longer in constant pain, I can eat without being sick, I have lost 30 pounds thus far, my energy is amazing, and my spirit is renewed. It is only a matter of time before I reach total health, finally after 10 long painful years!

I thank Crossroads. It is my sincere wish that people who are suffering in any way be informed about the absolute necessity of proper nutrition and the concept of whole health. My life looks and feels so very much brighter. I have discovered peace, joy and connectedness at Crossroads! 

~ MW

I really belive that I moved here to receive the healing work from Drs. Hollee' and Chaz!

I had been teaching for over 14 years and knew I was burning the candle at both ends. I had been taking care of myself with regular chiropractic visits and nutritional herbal supplements.

What Drs. Hollee' and Chaz provided went far and beyond any holistic care that I had previously received. The loving care and knowledge they carried served to restore and invigorate a soul who seriously needed to receive nourishment, after many years of giving my all.

I have been to many healers, but at Crossroads I have learned to access my own intuition with more confidence. I have answers to problems that seemed unsolvable. I have renewed strength, courage and joy, with which to meet the future.

I thank the Drs. for all they give to others, and especially for what they give to themselves, that shines forth so brightly.

~ JD

After my 7th visit with Dr. Chaz, and after 5 years of extreme pain and bad posture, I couldn't believe what happened!

After my appointment, I got into my car and as I looked into my rear view mirror, it seemed that it had been moved. At first I thought someone had been in my car, but I am the only driver! Then I realized that my posture had changed and I was sitting up straighter!!

How wonderful it felt to move my mirror up!

Thank you Dr. Chaz 

~ PJ

Dylan was having behavior problems. He would scream if things did not go his way. He talked very loudly and non-stop. He was getting hurt all the time. He had trouble in school. He was unhappy and frustrated most of the time.

We came to see Dr. Chaz two months ago. He put Dylan on an anti-yeast diet for 45 days. He did cranial work. A hair analysis showed he was deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

I saw improvement in just a few days. He is now doing so much better. We can have pleasant conversations with him. He is able to sit still and do well at school. His affinity towards others has increased. His reports from school are wonderful and just the other day he was student of the day! Our family is so much happier!

Thank you Dr. Rhinehart for all of your help. 

~ SM

I first met Dr. Hollee' Rhinehart at her hormone class. I had been feeling awful, aches and pains all over, constantly gaining weight. I needed help but was not sure where to go.Hollee' was friendly, full of life with a huge smile. What I was taught at class made sense. I signed up that evening.

Since then I have lost 20 pounds and I feel wonderful. People who know me have commented on my skin, my hair, the weight loss and how much happier I seem.

Thank you Dr. Hollee' for giving me the help I needed. 

~ SB

What a way to lose weight...eighteen pounds in twelve days!!

My energy is working hard to help it along, and Dr. Chaz Rhinehart's adjustments and knowledge are bringing my body into a state of joy. Headaches I have had are now less often and of a lower intensity. I can walk swiftly and without pain. I love what I am becoming! 

~ NW

Three weeks ago I came to Dr. Chaz with a cough that kept me up nights, and made it hard to work days. Today my cough is completely gone! I feel great! 

~ NJ

I've learned a lot by being a patient of Dr. Chaz'. He not only takes care of the "frame", but teaches about ways that the mind controls how we feel, and how we contribute to our own health and recovery.

Recently my MD told me that the severe osteo arthritis and degenerative disk disease that I have were things I'd just have to put up with... and that nothing much could be done. He had increased pain killers as the disease progressed. Nothing was said about diet, exercise or adjusting the spine to stretch the vertebrae for better comfort.

In contrast, when I am treated in Dr. Chas' office I'm energized and hopeful instead. I've been given tools to help myself in the process. As one of Dr. Chas' early patients, I have watched his practice grow significantly. I know that God is blessing him and rewarding him for his diligence and commitment to his patients, and I am thankful. -

~ BP

Thank you for the medical treatments that you have provided over the years and especially for the personal service. You have all been a great resource to our family.

I would especially like to tell you of my satisfaction concerning my orthotic foot supporters, which you prescribed in order to help support my fallen arches. Very soon after I started using them, the pain in my feet and ankles was greatly reduced and my feet actually began to feel good. I had become accustomed to daily pain over the last three decades. I am surprised at the dramatic improvement brought about in such a short time. I have also noticed that my posture has improved. I stand taller and my wife says that I look more natural.
I had tried arch supports before without success. I was reluctant at first to try again, and I am glad that I follwed through with this course of treatment.

~ KS

I didn't realize how our lives would change after a few visits to Dr. Rhinehart. From age four to six, our youngest son frequently experienced headaches, stomach aches, and serious chest colds along with sneezing fits in the morning.
I was fearful that the often prescribed antibiotics and steroids would be harmful to a developing young body. I like our pediatrician but the medical world was not curing our ailing son. My heart ached as I diligently searched for a new strategy to help him.

An acquaintance introduced me to Crossroads Health Center, saying that her family would only seek medical attention there. Dr. Rhinehart gave a thorough and in-depth exam to our son. He found a hyatel hernia, an incorrect curvature of the spine, an imbalanced cranium and a low immune system. We continued to see the doctor for a series of tri-weekly visits. Less than two months had passed when I ralized that our son was freed from his unhealthy patterns. Seven months have passed and he has not had a cold. He is truly healthy and happy. He continues to see Dr. Rhinehart on a maintenance schedule, and happily does six years old!

The sign on the ceiling of the patient room says: "Expect a Miracle." I have seen this for my son, and now for myself. Dr. Rhinehart is a great doctor. -

~ JR

I came to Dr. Chaz when I had a severe and recurring bladder and kidney infection. I thought it was just physical, but the doctor helped me to realize that it was a deeply rooted emotional problem as well. I was a very hurt and unhappy person. I once told someone that the only people who had not hurt me were my oldest sister and my best friend. I enjoyed being angry at everyone and constantly replayed the past in my mind.

Dr. Chaz worked with me doing Neuro Emotional Therapy, using visualization and flower essences. We didn't do any specific sessions about forgiveness, but worked on the layers of pain. After several months, going once or twice a week, I realized that I had forgiven parents, my molester, everyone! 
It happened gradually without my noticing. I have felt such a sense of peace, gratitude and happiness.

I am in awe of how Dr. Chaz not only looking at the body, but the mind and emotions too. It makes so much sense and has been so effective for me.

I was told by 3 or 4 docotrs that I had candida. Dr. Chaz used kinesiology and discoverd that it was a staph infection!

Dr. Chaz is a real blessing. -

~ IT

Dr. Chaz!

I cannot tell you how much my orthodics have helped to stabilize by back.
My posture is totally different since using them. I don't have the same back pain while standing or walking. It is decreasing in intensity and frequency.

Thank you also for the love and support not only physically but emotionally.
You have helped me so much.

~ TL

I like Dr. Chaz because he gave me 100 white speckels!

He's nice and and helps people. 

(a very young person's note)

My son had a chronic ear problem. He had a series of ear tubes inplanted over three or four years. The last visit to the doctor, tubes were implanted to last two years! the hopes that the eustacian tubes would begin to respond on their own. The tubes started to fall out after one year and the ears were still stuffed up. 
I decided to try holistic medicine.

Dr. Chaz put my son on a strict no gluten no milk diet, gave him supplements and canial adjustments, and did homeopathic treatments. 

Inside of a month, his ears were beginning to clear. He continues to be healthy.

We thank you Dr. Chaz!

~ EO

Since coming to Crossroads Health Center, I have lost weight, I feel great, and I am pain free for the first time in 10 years.

After hearing many local people rave about Crossroads I came to try it for myself. I wasn't medically sick, but I hadn't felt really well in a long time. Also, I had a hip injury that still hurt after 10 years. AT age 54 I was accepting too many little aches and pains as "aging".

Dr. Chaz Rhinehart worked quickly to pinpoint and treat my health issues. He found that my original hip injury hadn't been properly diagnosed and had never healed . (in 10 years.) He was the first doctor to correctly diagnose the injury and give it proper treatment. I have been pain free ever since.

(I went through a detox cleanse and a candida cleanse. What a difference that made. I received customized, in-depth evaluations at every visit. No stone was left unturned when it came to giving me advanced and thorough care. I know that I have added 15 healthy years to my life.-

~ AH

I came to Dr. Chaz ready to collapse with an infection in my colon, blaldder and kidney. I had no help from the medical doctors. Chaz literally saved my life. I wouldn't be here today if it had not been for him.

Within five days, the catheter was removed and in ten minutes I was urinating freely. Within four months my mental and physical health were much improved.

I continue to feel great. My outlook, atrtitude and self esteem are the highest they have ever been. -

~ MM

I run faster because my asthma is gone.

~ GS (a young patient)

I feel so much better. I no longer have the uncomfortable infection and pressures in my sinuses and forehead. Over the past couple of months my energy level has baeen rising and staying more consistent. I love it!!

Thanks Chaz.

~ RG

Bone to Pick

(each line written with the first letter of spelling: DR CHAZ RHINEHART.

D.ynamic master of healing
R.espectful of feelings

C.ompassionate, intuitve, sympathetic
H.heals with each persons uniqueness
A.llows patients to trust what is known
Z.ealously he goes with the flow

R.eads the light inside a soul
H.elps others in letting go
I.ntegrates the essence of his being
N.urtures lives he helps 
E.fficiently he does affect
H.armoniously doing his best
A.utomatically he manifests success
R.echarges energy with positivity
T.iming is everything and produces synergy

~ HK

When I first came to Crossroads my health was weakening and slipping, at 53 years old. I was struggling with some chronic viral something or other that increased fatigue and gland inflammation in my throat. I was overwhelmed, stressed, and unable to do very much efficiently. Chaz found weakness in the thyroid, adrenal exhaustion, and a linguring virus. 

After about 6 months of treatment I have 2 or 3 times more energy. I feel a great sense of well being. I feel downright good! No more fatigue or gland trouble, or feeling wiped out. I needed orthodics and they help me to feel better.

Both Chaz and his wife Hollee' are excellent practitioners.
I thank them for being here to bless me and God bless them.

~ JH

I have used alternative care in the past and prefer it. I regularly sought weekly treatments for trouble in my lower back and hips and numbness in my left leg.
After many sessions seeing my chiropractor at the time, there was no relief, and I sought conventional medicine. I could no longer sit or stand. They found a ruptured disc and a herniated disc. I was sent to physical therapy, with no relief. I was sent to a specialist who recommended epidural injections into the discs and then surgery. I would not consent to this.

My friend suggested that I come to Crossroads Health Center. Desperation makes for a great motivator. My first visit with Dr. Chaz left me feeling hopeful and grateful and within a few weeks I knew that there was "light at the end of the tunnel".

Today I am pain free. I offer thanks. Even when things seem so DIRE, and without solution, there is always help. If you are reading this I urge you to open your mind, awaken your spirit, and allow your physical body to heal. This will happen. Pain can go away.

There is a moral to this story. Not all professionals are equal. There are some who believe their work to be a job. Others believe their responsibilities to be a career. There are those who possess a gift and love what they do. Drs. Hollee' and Chaz are two such individuals. We are blessed to have them.

~ LG 

Through the combined efforts of Drs. Hollee' and Chaz Rhinehart, I can now freely move my neck in all directions, painlessly!

This is a major change from before, when even the slightest twist or nod would send bolts of pain through my neck and shoulder.

Also, my general physical condition has markedly inmproved as a direct result of the comprehensive dietary program that Hollee' designed for me.

I feel my strength has definately increased in my extremities, and my body mobility is much higher. Mov ing my body is actually fun once again!

Thank you very sincerely. 

~ RC

I was in a very bad car accident 10 years ago. All I received was physical therapy. Since the accident I have continued to feel lower back pain.

Over the ten years I have felt like my health has declined. I am not at my full energy. My symptoms have been: ringing in the ears, poor digestion, fatigue, neck pain, shoulder pain, brain imbalance, lack of eye focus. 

I visited a holistric doctor for masage, and after a nutritional assessment was put on some wonderful vitamins. I have felt a difference, but still lhad most of lthe previous symptomology.

I felt as though I needed to get an adjustment from a chiropractor, but felt nervous about it. I did seek out someone, and took treatment for a year and actually felt no difference. In fact, I felt worse. 

I described this all to Dr. Hollee'. I felt so comfortable with her in our initial consultation. I allowed her to adjust me, and I knew that this is what I had needed for a very long time. I feel great now and am lookiing forward to my future adjustments. 

~ JJ

I needed medical help and I didn't want to return to my allopathic doctor. Her face got a pinched look when I said I would seek "alternative medicine". I was told I had low thyroid function and was urged to use the albusterol inhaler more liberally for my asthma.

My shortness of breath was worsening but I wasn't sure where to go. I had heard of Dr. Chaz Rhinehart, so I decided to schedule an appointment.

On my first visit he said my problems pointed to my adrenals and that we needed to run more tests that my former doctor had done. Test results showed I had slipped into adrenal failure and thyroid was just fine! I went home with an armload of supplements and felt so much better knowing that my problems were diagnosed.

I went in the following week wanting to hug Dr. Chaz. Shortness of breath was gone and I was off the inhaler. My case is complicated because I fell so far into adrenal malfunction. For the first time in years I feel hopeful that I will find good health. How blessed I feel to have found Dr. Chaz and his friendly st aff. 

~ NA

Thanks to my work with Dr. Chaz, the herbs, positive thinking, etc., my labor with birthing was short and sweet. I couldn't have asked for a better delivery.

I thank Dr. Chaz for his healing work and his support. I will come back in a few weeks to get my body back on track! 

~ DG

I want to thank Dr. Chaz for being so good to me. He saved my neck from surgery. 

~ T

Earlier in the year, Jamie (age 8) seemed to be catching everything that was going around at school. Every couple of weeks she was coing down with a fever and getting sick. She was also getting nosebleeds almost on a daily basis. Even though she would recover quickly, I hated seeing her get sick so often. She is normally such a healthy kid. The medical doctor said that she had allergies, which made her more susceptible to whatever virus she was exposed to...and to take a claritin every day, and later they would test to see what allergies she had.

I didn't like the idea of giving Jamie a pill every day, and thought that perhaps if I could find out what she was allergic to... I might be better able to control her symptoms. I didn't really want to subject her to allergy shots, so I thought I would take her to Crossroads, to try a less invasive way of allergy testing.

Not only did Chaz find out what Jamie was allergic to ( without turning her into a pin cushion), he was able to treat her by desensitizing her to what she was allergic to. This involved using a laser treatment which was totally non-invasive. After one treatment I could see the difference. Her daily nosebleeds stopped. 
It was also a matter of building up her immune system. This past October was the first autumn since birth, that Jamie did not get sick.

Dr. Chaz did not stop with the allergies. He discovered that Jamie had TMJ - where the jaw did not close straight up and down, but would veer distinctly to one side when she opened and closed her mouth. I was familiar with TMJ, certainly did not know she she had it, and did not know how much trouble it could cause down the road. I agreed to schedule eight appointments in the following four weeks. 

After the initial appointments there was a noticeable difference with Jamie's jaw, but it wasn't perfect. We decided on weekly appointments for adjustments. Then the miracle happened. Within the next two to three weeks Jamie could open and close her mouth without any noticeable TMJ issues. Dr. Chaz did not have to use any apparatus. He just did his excellent work. I know this will save her a lot of discomfort in the future. I am so glad to have agreed to have the problem taken care of...rather than waiting.

I am very grateful to Dr. Chaz for the well-rounded treatment that he provides. He does not stop with the physical symptoms, but delves into the emotional healing as well. It is important to know that there is a connection between the two. He gets right into the problem and attacks it head on. 

Would I recommend Dr. Chaz to my friends? You bet I would - and I have! 

~ JB

I wondered if I would ever feel good, or like myself again, when I came to see Dr. Chaz. I was scared and depressed.

In the last 18 months I had gotten married for the first time, left my home and family and friends in Kentucky, quit my job, entered the womanly change of life, started a new job, and bought a house in Valley Center. My stress level was way over the top. I was spiraling downward emotionally, physically and mentally. At times I would dwell on thoughts of ending my misery, but something kept me holding on and believing that God would find help for me. I wanted to feel like me again.

My husband was very worried. He had a confidential talk with a friend who recommended seeing Dr. Rhinehart. I had pretty much given up hope, but agreed to go. After talking with me, asking quetions and truly listening, Dr. Rhinehart told me that my adrenal glands had shut down, and emotional and mental depression were two of the symptoms. He wanted me to have blood work done. I understood that I was not going to get better on my own. Now that we had a diagnosis my condition could be treated.

Within three or four weeks (with the appropriate supplements, bach flower therapy, some food changes and regular adjustments), I was back on track. I felt like myself again. Today, three years after that initial appointment, I have more energy than I have ever had. I am up early and keep busy until bedtime.

I don't remember a lot about my first office visit that day. But I do remember two things that I have never forgotten: Dr. Rhinehart really cared about helping me to heal, and, as I was lying on the adjustment table looking up at the ceiling there was a sign that read: "Expect a Miracle". And a miracle is what I have received. Dr. Rhinehart is a caring and gifted healer. 

~ JM

I came to Dr. Chaz because I saw such an improvement in my friend, after she had a session with Dr. Chaz. I made an appointment for myself and after an assessment of my structural, chemical and emotional being, I began my series of treatments.

I have had seveal sprains on my right side. I had spinal fusion surgery on my cervicals after a three head collisions, and I was in constant pain. After one week of adjustments to my ankle, knee, hip, neck and head, I began to feel so much better. After several weeks of adjustments I am now basically pain-free! The large muscle spasm in my neck is gone and I have complete mobility.

I am an insulin dependent diabetic and a breat cancer survivor. I have been under medical doctors' care for years, to try to alleviate the pain and symptoms from peripheral neuropathy due to the diabetes, aggravared by chemotherapy. The best medical doctors could only offer pain pills and sedatives. Today I can walk and sit without discomfort.

In order to address the imbalances in my chemistry I had a session with Bella. She gave me a session Dr, regarding diet and allergens. I began an herbal and supplement regimen, made changes in my diet, and I now have wonderful energy and my fatgue and sugar cravings have vanished. I am able to wake up early and start my day with joy and purpose. I am eating healthier and sleeping better.

Dr. Chaz also worked with me in the emotional arena, with outstanding results.

Conventional medical care never offered me the relief that I needed. Dr. Chaz has a very practical approach to health by addressing the structural, the chemical and the emotional aspects of his patients. All three need to function well in order for a person to be healthy and pain free. The doctor has my respect and admiration. I am deeply grateful for the miracle he has accomplished in my life. 

~ AW

After driving by the Crossroads sign for over a decade and wondering, God brought me through the front door. I’ve been treated over my life by various chiropractors. What I now realize is the ability to communicate and understand each other is the key to healing.

Dr. Chaz is the person, the healer, the coach that I’ve been seeking for decades. My milestone today is that before our goal, I’ve enjoyed 48 hours pain free for the first time in 1 ½ years. ‘Expect a miracle’ are words to live by. Dr. Chaz has the magic to address the whole being, which I love…and this experience is more than just over coming physical pain, It is remembering the beautifull-ness of mind -body -spirit as the total power to heal – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

~ SF

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