Applied Kinesiology

A New era of Medicine… Holistic Medicine and Muscle testing

In this new age of healthcare a great awakening has been gifted to mankind. With holistic medicine comes new practices, techniques and disciplines. One such technique is called Applied Kinesiology (AK). Born in the 60’s from Dr. George Goodheart Jr., AK  led to the use of muscle testing to communicate with the body. Originally a chiropractic technique, AK and muscle testing is now used by medical doctors, acupuncturists, dentists, holistic health practitioners as well as metaphysicians.

Applied Kinesiology is a specific system used to gather information from the body. Kinesiology is used to test muscle function throughout the muscular system of the body. With the system of AK, the detected muscle weaknesses are accessed and the question of why the muscle is weak is investigated. Dr. Goodheart found that a muscle could be weak for multiple reasons and was related to one or more of the following aspects of physiology and acupuncture:

  Neuro-Vacsular        Neuro-Lymphatic      Cerebrospinal Fluid       Nerve      Acupuncture Meridians  

This translates into: blood flow to the muscle, lymphatic drainage from the muscle, cranial movement and CSF flow in the spinal cord, nerve innervation to the muscle and the acupuncture flow of energy. The Triad of health is used in the AK system and is a solid foundation for functional medicine. The Triad of Health takes into account the balance between the body's chemistry, structure and emotions.

At Crossroads Holistic Health Center we have expanded the Triad of Health and have incorporated other factors that also influence the health and well-being of human potential.