Whole Person Program

Dr. Rhinehart’sHolistic Kinesiology

This program is designed to heal the cause of the health problem, eliminate pain and create healing on all levels of being to promote true vitality and longevity.
Let’s note that I have divided this healing program into four categories. They are:

Structure (which is the bodies’ skeleton, nerves, muscles, and joints),
Biochemistry (which is the bodies’ organs, hormones and nutritional elements),
Emotion (which includes our state of mind, our past, and our projections) as well as our
Electromagnetic self (which includes the acupuncture system, chakra system, aura, and vibrational self).

Structure – ‘Structure rules function’

Needed to eliminate the cause of pain, remove interference, promote healing, restore proper function, and promote longevity.

  1. Remove Nerve interference –Remove pain and dysfunction by aligning spine, extremities, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

  2. Holistic body Adjustments – necessary to restore life force energy, restore healing, change unwanted patterns, prevent disease, balance body/mind, and promote wellness in the body.

  3. Reset all soft tissue dysfunction – reset all weak muscles, fascial release, dissolve scar tissue, orthopedic support, and organ positions.

  4. Rehabilitation – Lifestyle, exercise, flexibility, energy, breathing.


Needed for your body to repair and regenerate itself: provides the bodies energy, eliminate stress from toxin chemicals; cleanse cells, balance hormone, inflammation, and neurotransmitters.

  1. Remove toxins – cleanse and remove harmful toxins from the body. Remove chemicals, heavy metals and environmental toxins.

  2. Remove infections – rid the body of bacteria, yeast, virus, and paracytes

  3. Repair the system weakness – repair weak organs, immune system, hormone imbalances and damaged cells.

  4. Reset allergies – rid and repair food and environmental allergies

  5. Replace nutritional deficiencies – replace individuals deficiencies such as specific vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and carbohydrates.

  6. Restore proper lifestyle -Balance diet, ph, food preparation.


Balance the mind/body connection. Balance thoughts, stress reactions and relationships; balance neurotransmitters and hormones.

  1. Reset Emotional components to health and healing – reset emotional components, negative emotional programs, addictions, belief systems, self betrayal, negative subconscious, emotional toxins, binding contracts, emotional traumas held in the body, karmic contracts, genetic myasms, inhibiting belief systems, and thoughts.


Create balance to the acupuncture systems, chakra systems, aura, magnetic body and light body.

  1. Restore and repair the bodies energy fields - restore electromagnetic fields, cancel depleting forces and manipulating energies, balance fragmentation, restore light body, chakras, acupuncture meridians, balance frequencies, release the innate healing energy.