Nutritional Therapy

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates

Hippocrates was giving directions for lasting health! 

Food has an effect just like a medicine or a supplement. Choosing foods that create the effect your body needs, is crucial to your good health. There are different body types so there must be different eating regiments. Which one is right for your body? 

Gluten Free     Grain Free     Paleo      Ketogenic     Vegetarian     Plant-Based     FODMAPS    Carbohydrate Specific   and more....?

When the body is sick or challenged it may need a specific eating regiment to get it back on track. The body may even need a good detoxification program or a cleanse to reduce the toxic burden so it will function properly.  Detox or cleanse programs include; supplements to help the body to remove toxins and begin healing, and a change in eating regiment for a short time. Making changes in the eating regiment is hard for some people, but rest assured, there are many great resources to help you create high quality, nutritious and satisfying meals regardless of any restrictions or diet type. The Crossroads doctors are in favor of high quality fats, vegetables, fruits and proteins. If you have a preferred eating regiment, let them know.

Every cell in our bodies makes toxins. Our bodies must be able to eliminate not only the toxins we make, but the toxin we are exposed to from outside the body from air, water and food.  Elimination is one of the biggest challenges a body faces today because there is the toxic burden from within the body and a growing toxic burden from outside the body.  Choosing foods that nourish without increasing the toxic burden is a big step in the healthy direction!

When a supplemental vitamin, mineral or herbal program is recommended by the Crossroads doctors it is based on clinical findings, the patients history, their specific needs and, any lab findings if the doctor has ordered labs. It is uniquely and specifically tailored to help the healing process.   If the Crossroads doctors create a supplement regiment for you it is important to follow through on the program and certainly ask questions if you have any. A program will only work if it is followed. Some programs are created in phases so that each phase has a particular goal on your behalf. Do not throw in the towel if a day or a dose is forgotten, stick with your program.  

If you are on a wellness program with our doctors, then the program is based not only on helping you stay well, but on moving you toward high vitality!      

Look at food  and supplements as an ally to your genetics, physiology, structure, emotions, chemical pathways and overall health regiment!