dorsal Meridians Acupuncture model Meridian therapy is thousands of years old and is commonly called acupuncture. At Crossroads Holistic Health Center our doctors and healers do not use needles to address the acupuncture system and like those who have worked with this system for over 3000 years, we have other means of addressing the meridian points that need attention.

The body is electric, and energy does flow, throughout the cells, the entirety of life. When the electricity in the body stops, so does life.

Acupuncture meridians and points are found along the spine and on the surface of the body and are influenced by chiropractic spinal adjustments, stimulation of varying types, nutrition and chemistry.

The treatment of the acupuncture meridians is incorporated into the Holistic approach used by the Crossroads Doctors.

Front Acupuncture torso