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Crossroads doctors understand that the body actually heals itself. Gifted holistic practitioners the Crossroads doctors use only those techniques that support and enhance the body's own ability to heal. They are highly experienced in methods that treat the body on a functional level.

The approach at Crossroads Health Center is designed to address the whole person, which is truly Holistic medicine. This approach evaluates the Structural,Chemical, Emotional, and Life force of the body. We believe that it is a combination of one or more of these four elements that cause the imbalance in one's health. Unfortunately today most doctors only treat parts of these elements and not the whole.Thus most doctors are not Wholistic or holistic. At Crossroads Health Center we believe that when the four elements are brought into balance, then and only then is true health achieved. 

  • Dr.
    Chaz W. Rhinehart

    Voted One of America's Top Chiropractors by the National Resouce Council

    Voted Who's Who in the World by Heritage for the past 7 years

    Voted Who's Who in Executives and Professionals for the past 7 years

    Voted Who's Who in America by Heritage for the past 7 years

    I feel my purpose is simply to help others reconnect to the healing process. I feel that reconnecting with our source provides the foundation for healing on all of the levels of the body…Structural, Emotional, Chemical and Life force. 

    I believe that I play an important role in aiding those who seek true healing in their lives. I believe I am called to improve the planet by helping each individual who crosses my path and help him/her to reach their fullest potential.

    I believe that I provide a phenomenal service for a fair fee. I believe I am the best at what I do. I want to help people. I want to help you, your family, and your friends. My personal promise to you is that I will treat you with the best care possible and with the same respect and dignity that I want for myself and my family. I appreciate you referring patients to me because together we can make a healthier world with less pain, less fear, less strife - one person at a time.

  • Dr.
    Hollee J. Rhinehart

    Potential cannot be measured. It can however, be hindered. And in contrast, it can be promoted. I believe in people. Healing is a calling for me and I am here to be of service for people of all ages, to promote healing and increase the potential of people whose lives I touch.

    Each person makes a difference. We make a greater difference when we are in good health. We are more effective at everything that we do when we feel healthy, vital and strong.

    The approach is beautiful and honoring to every patient. We consider the individuals structure, biochemistry, emotion and spirit when approaching healing and wellness. It works. It is very satisfying to see health improvements and elevated changes in a persons life condition.

    Techniques used: AK SOT NET RESET Homeopathy BACH FES Cranial Sacral