Genetic Variant Testing

DNA support in the palm of your hand.Achieve your greatest health potential with diet and supplements based on your unique genetic test! We are the expression of our DNA.  We want the best expression we can get! We want the best functioning body possible! Genes in our DNA can be altered and ‘switched on or off’ as a result of stress in any form; physical, emotional, chemical or energetic. There is a way to naturally help OPTIMIZE YOUR DNA and IMPROVE how your body functions. Using Genetic Variant Testing and Wholistic Methylation Testing, your chemical pathways are challenged to determine how well they are functioning. With this information we can begin to help your body work more efficiently. Based on your specific results, nutritional supplements are used to help support DNA repair, neurotransmitter production, improve energy production, detoxification, methylation and more. Patients on the program are reporting an increase in energy, mood, sleep, focus, decrease in pain, and an overall improvement in their health.

"The recent advances in genetic research have finally reached a point where we can begin to look at specific genes and what their functions are. With the recent completion of the genome project, research is mounting as studies are being conducted and associations being made as to the relevance of genetic variants to disease causation. One such area of research has lead to a major breakthrough in our understanding of the origins of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and so much more. This connection between our Genetic Variants or SNiP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and disease has revealed the importance of a metabolic pathway in the body that is critical to maintaining health, the methylation cycle. The methylation cycle, it turns out, is involved in many regulatory processes and genetic defects there can be particularly damaging."  Dr. J. Dunn

We now have ways to bypass the genetic defects that effect our physiology with specific targeted nutrients to improve function in the body. When the body functions properly, it is more likely to not only feel better but also less likely to get sick. The GV test addresses the methylation cycle and how it relates to other cycles. The SNiP’s considered in the testing protocol consider the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, detoxification pathways, neurotransmitters, energy production and more.  

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