Cranial Therapy

The cranial bones move every day, all day long. This special movement, the cranial-sacral motion, when stopped or altered in any way can cause a person to feel anything from simply "off" to very sick. The movement is independent of the breathing cycles and serves to move cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) around the brain tissue and along the spinal column.

The CSF serves to protect the brain by means of cushioning the brain and functions to balance pressure inside the cranium as well as delivering nutrients to the central nervous system. An imbalance in cranial motion can also alter intracranial pressure.

Cranial rhythm can be altered by any head injury, body injury or stress of any kind. Because the brain and the spinal column are connected and surrounded by the bones of the cranium and the vertebrae of the spine, any bony injury can impact cranial motion as well.

Dr Chaz and Dr Hollee' specialize in cranial care and both find it to be a powerful modality in treatment of the nervous system and the human body. Multiple techniques can be utilized by each doctor in the treatment of the cranial system during a healing session.