Diagnosis and Lab Analysis

Crossroads Holistic Health Center offers the best in modern health analysis. Both laboratory and alternative methods are employed. The doctors at Crossroads will determine which tests are necessary to give them then best information about the patient. Lab tests are used to identify dysfunction or to rule it out.

It is extremely important to note that the first test the doctor orders is a baseline reading. It is the second and third follow up tests that will give the most information about how the patient is responding and healing. The key at Crossroads is to help the body heal itself. Everything, from lab tests to patient hands on treatment is geared to improve the function of the body.

The doctors may choose to analyze your health using:

  1. Blood tests
  2. Urine analysis
  3. Saliva assessment
  4. Hair analysis
  5. Stool analysis
  6. Applied Kinesiology (AK)
  7. Orthopedic testing
  8. Neurological testing
  9. Muscle testing
  10. Chiropractic evaluation
  11. Acupuncture methods (needle free)
  12. Ayurvedic priciples
  13. Iridology
  14. Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)
  15. Vitamin, mineral, amino acid assessment
  16. Organ analysis - lab panels for assessment are available for Liver, Lung, Heart, Brain, Kidney etc.
  17. Hormone analysis- Female Hormone, Male Hormone, Thyroid, Adrenal tests, Blood sugar etc.
  18. Neurotransmitter profiles
  19. Lipid panels -Cholesterol, Cardiovascular panels
  20. Bio Meridian Analysis
  21. Toxin Assessment - Metals, toxins
  22. Infection Assessment- Virus, Bacteria, Yeast, Mold, Parasite
  23. Autoimmune profiles
  24. Allergy profiles
  25. Digestive profiles
  26. Electro-dermal testing