Holistic Health Expo

Health is the greatest gift of all...   

This Saturday at the Holistic Health Expo, doctors and students of holistic and alternative medicine will be on site to present information that may be the missing piece for you and your family in your quest for better health. 

The lecturing doctors are all experienced, successful and ready to share wisdom that makes a difference in the lives of their patients everyday. In fact, all presenters at the Expo are passionate about sharing information that makes a difference! 

Whether you are new to the holistic lifestyle or are experienced at natural living, this Expo is for you!  And, those in attendance will be offered the opportunity to save on future Holistic treatment. This offer includes savings on Pain Management Therapies, Blood Report Analysis, Genetic Variant Testing and more! 

This event is full of advanced holistic insight for the entire family, including your pets. Holistic Health Expo Saturday, September 28th  Valley Center Library - 29200 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 9:45 am - 1 pm

'Are Cell Phones and WiFi Making Us Sick?' -   Brittany Poliska.   How cell phones, WiFi and electromagnetic energy may be damaging your health and making you sick.

'Therapies that Help!' - Debra Skinner.   Soothing therapies that help you heal faster

'Medicating the Holistic Patient' - Danielle Patterson.   A compelling true story of how a heart patient successfully combined Medical and Holistic treatment to overcome autoimmune disease and improve her life

'Holistic Health Care for Animals' - Sondra Forkner and Jan Grenier. Hear from the Animal Outreach Team and how they are successfully helping animals live healthier lives

'Natural Pain Relief with Laser Treatment and The Natural Painless Face Lift' -   James Rhinehart -   Learn why Laser treatment is fast becoming the go-to treatment for pain and why people love the Natural Facelift to reduce wrinkles and tone facial skin

'An MD speaks on Holistic Health Care' -   Dr Shirley Wang MD. Join Dr Wang as she shares her experience with Holistic Health Care, The Institute of Holistic Medicine and how it has impacted her practice.

'The Ketogenic Lifestyle What are Ketones and How They Can Change Your Life' -   Dr Chad Larsen 10am

'Optimizing your Genetics Overcoming Bad Genes' - Dr Hollee’ Rhinehart 11am

'Science Based Nutrition How the Right Nutrition Can Change Your Life and Your Laboratory Blood Analysis' -   Dr Chaz Rhinehart 12pm