The Institute for Holistic Medicine The founding of Institute of Holistic Medicine was inspired from 23 years of practicing the healing arts. Originally, its purpose was to educate and cultivate healing in others. Now, I see as wonderful as it is to work with my patients, I have realized that I can’t do it all. I know that many of the methods and discoveries that I use in my practice could be taught and that these methods and tools could empower and change the lives of an unlimited number of people. Techniques that will be taught: • Needle-less Acupuncture • Allergy Desensitization Therapy • Applied Kinesiology • Chakra Balance • Cranial Massage / Cranial Work • Emotional Balance Therapy • Flower Essence Therapy (Bach Flowers) • Holistic Kinesiology Body Balance • Holistic Healing • Homeopathic Remedies (both acute and constitutional) • Laser Healing Therapy • Lifeline Technique • Lymphatic Drainage • Meditation and Guided Imagery • Massage Therapy • Nutritional Therapy • Percussion Facial Release Therapy • Emotional Balance Technique • Organic Foods • Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy • Rapid Release Trigger Point and Scar tissue therapy • Sound Therapy • Spinal Alignment Technique • Touch for Health • Trigger Point Therapy • Stick Stretching • Nutritional Counseling- Review diet and historical insults, Identify toxic lifestyle, Identify toxic emotions, Shopping list, Specific Detoxification work Course Outline and Curriculum Overview Semester I Week I – III -Understanding Body Basics and Application Define your Purpose / Overview of Holistic Healing / Key Elements of Health / Life style balance and overview / Effective Communication Skills / Assignment of Clinic Rounds Week IV – VI - Basic science Anatomy / Physiology / Building Rapport / History taking / Questionnaires / Client intake forms / Basic exam procedures/ evaluation / Medical monitoring Week VII – IX -Structure Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology / basic concepts, technique and applications / Hands on Healing technique /health evaluation using kinesiology Injuries / Pain reduction techniques/ Directional Release massage / Muscle / Tendon / Ligament release / Postural analysis and correction / Spinal alignment Techniques / Rehabilitation / Exercise Week X – XII – Chemistry Organ anatomy and function / Hormone evaluation and function / Healing Diets / Questionnaires / Nutritional Exam techniques Semester II Week I – III – Chemistry Nutrition and Muscle Testing / Muscle Testing Organs and Systems Basic Nutritional Protocols and Protocol manual / Food Supplements and Herbs / Testing Kits Week IV – VI - Emotion Anatomy of Emotion / Bach Flower Essence Therapy / Native American Flower Essence Therapy / Emotional Reprogramming / Emotional Freedom Technique /Life-line Emotional Reprogramming Technique Week VII – IX - Emotion Homeopathic Therapy / Muscle Testing for Homeopathics and Flower Essences Week X – XII – Life Force Acupuncture Therapy / Chakra Analysis Semester III Week I – III - Life Force Medical Intuition / Reading the bodies Aura / Healing / and Energy work Week IV – VI – Putting it all together – Specialty Identification / Marketing your Gifts / Creating a Business / Structure / Chemistry / Emotion / Life Force / Additional Techniques Week VII – IX – Owning Your Skills Real Life Situations / Role Playing / Practicing / Structure / Chemistry / Emotion / Life-force Week X – XII– Preparation for Certification Certification Testing / Certification / Graduation Celebration Crossroads Holistic Health Center - Chiropractor in Valley Center, CA USA

Become a Holistic Healer

In only one year…while going to school part time… you can become a certified Holistic Kinesiologist practitioner! 

In this healing school you will learn how to: 

-Use kinesiology to practitioner the healing of the body holistically, without drugs or surgery
-Work on yourself and heal your body ‘naturally’
-Find and correct the ‘cause’ of health problems
-Learn the best techniques in Holistic Healing
-Learn and master muscle testing and kinesiology
-Create a thriving healthcare business of your own

Holistic Kinesiologists are healing facilitators who are trained to find the root cause of the problem. Natural and holistic healers, they are hands on health coaches who are trained in the physical, nutritional, emotional and electrical/spiritual aspects of the body and consider the ‘whole’ person. They are truly ‘holistic’. Trained to educate and support their clients to find their way back to health, Holistic Kinesiologists are poised to make a real difference in fighting the global health crisis.

Techniques that are taught:

· Needle-less Acupuncture Technique
· Allergy Desensitization Therapy
· Applied Kinesiology Methods
· Chakra Balance
· Cranial-Sacral Therapy / Cranial Massage
· Category I / Category II
· Diet and Nutritional Therapy
· Disc Release Therapy
· Emotional Release Therapy 
· Energy Work / Light Body Therapy
· Flower Essence Therapy (Bach Flowers)
· Holistic Kinesiology Body Balance
· Homeopathic Remedies 
· Lymphatic Drainage
· Meditation and Guided Imagery
· Massage Therapy / Directional Release
· Nutritional Therapy
· Percussion Facial Release Therapy
· Emotional Balance Technique
· Organ Reflex Testing
· Nutrition Reflex Testing
· Microbe Reflex Testing
· Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy
· Rapid Release Trigger Point and Scar tissue therapy
· Supplement Therapy (Biotics and Nutriwest)
· Spinal Alignment Technique
· Timeline Emotional Therapy
· Touch for Health 

Developed by Dr. Chaz W. Rhinehart, Holistic Kinesiology uses muscle testing, signs, body reflexes, history, lab tests and symptoms to recognize the cause of the health disorder and picks the appropriate holistic healing therapies to best match and remedy the problem.

Student will not only learn ‘how’ to effectively use the previously listed holistic therapies but  ‘when’ a given therapy is indicated…thus providing ‘miraculous results’!

We are also proud to announce that we are now accrediting nurses for relicensing hours

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