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Revolutionary Weight loss program available at Crossroads.


The benefits of becoming alkaline

"At Crossroads we do not usully promote silver bullets for health cures, but we cannot deny the effectiveness of one".  Dr. Chaz and Dr. Hollee'



An acidic body is the cause of most diseases and ailments. It is the leading cause of cancer.  It is the leading cause of neurologic disease.  It is a leading cause of inflammatory disorders.  It is a major contributing factor in the development of cardiovascular disease.  It is a perfect breeding ground for infections, and opportunistic bugs. It is the leading cause of degeneration. It is the leading cause of accelerated aging.  In short, it is a major stress to the body and alters the resistance to disease and ailments.


Causes of an acid body

An acid forming diet causes the body to become acidic. Stress causes the body to become acidic. Bottled water causes the body to become acidic. Lack of exercise, too much exercise, lack of sleep, too much sleep, chronic pain, temperature changes, circadian rhythm changes, light cycle disruption, anger, fear, guilt, worry, electromagnetic exposures such as cell phones, t.v.'s, computers, microwaves and the list expands to virtually thousands of chemicals, organisms, biohazards, physical and emotional toxins we come in contact with everyday.

In order to combat the acid from forming in your body it takes careful ph observation. Intense dietary changes become necessary as well as extensive supplementation, cleansing and lifestyle modifications. Let's be honest, even your doctor cannot make all of the necessary lifestyle corrections necessary to create an alkaline body.

Yet we have found a simple answer:

The answer is Enagic Kangen water treatment system.


  • Most bottled waters are acidic waters.
  • Acid waters can contribute to neurologic and life threatening disease.
  • Bottled water can contain unsafe contaminants.
  • Bottled water usually never truly hydrates the body.
  • Reverse osmosis is said to be dead water.
  • Tap water contains unsafe contaminants. (chlorine, flouride, heavy metals etc.)


Benefits of Kangen water

Kangen water provides high quality ionized oxygenated alkaline water. That is why it has such profound health effects on the human body.

  • Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment  
  • Aid to prevent Cardiovasular disease - strokes, hypertension, heart attacks, high cholesterol  
  • Lower risk factors for Arthritis, osteoporosis, osteopenea, osteoarthritis  
  • Prevent chronic disease such as diabetes, digestive problems, immune disorders
  • Reduce or eliminate symtoms such as musuloskeletal pain, head aches and inflammation
  • Reduce need for supplements - antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, potassium, hydrochloric acid, enzyme supplements and detoxification supplements.
  • Alkalize your body without becoming a strict vegetarian
  • Enhances tolerance to stress, electromagnetic pollution, and toxins
  • Save $40.00 to $100 per month in antioxidant, and other supplement fees (per person in your household)
  • Save $60 to $120 per month in bottled water fees
  • Finally Become properly hydrated
  • Produce proper enzymes, absorb vitamins efficiently, hydrochloric acid
  • Ionize the cells of the body to exchange waste and take in nutrients
  • Increase oxygen utilization in each cell
  • Bring nutrients into each cell


Health Benefits


Increase resistance to cancer cells, alleviate fatigue, normalize blood pressure, help manage diabettes, alleviate many digestive problems, manage cholesterol without drugs, balance many emotional disorders, reduce insomnia, treat skin issues, helps musculoskeletal disorders and headaches, help resolve chronic skin conditions, helps with osteoporosis, helps with osteoarthritis, helps with weight issues etc.



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